Aloe Express is a powerful, easy-to-use, open source Xojo Web server module. Build APIs, microservices, Web sites, and more.

Xojo + Aloe Express = Endless Possibilities

Xojo is a powerful cross-platform development tool. It can be used to create apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, the web, iOS and Raspberry Pi.

Aloe Express is an open source Xojo Web server module. With Aloe, you can quickly and easily create a wide range of Web solutions, including Web sites, Web apps, APIs, microservices, and more.

Web publish data stored in MySQL, FileMaker, Airtable, and other databases. Process online forms. Build powerful, secure, feature-rich APIs and microservices... The possibilities are endless!

Aloe Examples

Key Features

Easily access information about a request, set attributes for the response, work with sessions, implement caching, and more.

Fast and Secure
Compile your projects as 32 or 64-bit applications, and deploy them on macOS, Windows, or Linux-based servers.

Console, Desktop, and Web Project Support
The Aloe Express module can be used in Xojo console, desktop, and Web projects.

SSL Support
Provide secure communications to your apps using secure sockets layer (SSL) technology.

Open Source
The source code is fully accessible and distributed under an MIT License.

And much more…
Aloe Express includes support for managing sessions, caching, XojoScript, and much more.

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